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Dr. Melanie Rüger

Dr Melanie Rüger is a solution-oriented, customer-focussed, and synergies building medical affairs expert. She provides interims management and consultancy in medical affairs and medical marketing.

A psychologist by training, Melanie has a PhD in Chronobiology, and more than 10 years of research experience at top medical research centres such as NYU Medical and Harvard Medical School.

Melanie started her industry career in 2013 at a Finnish Start-up before joining the pharmaceutical industry in 2015, where she held various national roles in medical affairs before stating her own company Rüger Healthcare Consulting in 2022.

Combining her unique scientific background with her industry experience, Melanie provides content and strategy development in medical affairs for a broad range of indications with a strong focus on orphan disease, market development, and pre-launch activities.

Denise Ilogu

Denise Ilogu is currently pursuing her master's degree in chemistry at the Technical University of Munich. Alongside her studies, she is supporting PlanB as a Junior Consultant.

She is eager to learn and to help through tasks like researching, creating presentations and client satisfaction surveys, LinkedIn marketing and support at meetings with clients.