Carsten von Blohn

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Dr Carsten von Blohn

A biologist by training, I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry in various companies and positions since 1997. I founded Plan B | Healthcare-Management in 2012.

  • Consulting and interim management

    Since 2011/12

    Founder and Managing Director PlanB GmbH

    since 2012

  • Professional stations

    10/97 – 10/12

    » Various marketing and sales roles
       with national and international responsibility
    » From product manager to managing director
    » GlaxoWellcome, Wyeth, Abbott


  • Promotion

    10/94 – 09/97

    » Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology


  • Study

    10/89 – 10/94

    » Study of Biology, Philipps University, Marburg


Education and training

I would be happy to send you a detailed CV on request.