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"Done is better than perfect" and "Analysis, no paralysis"

Consulting with high relevance followed by fast implementation

Do you need a fresh look at a project, want to think outside the box or are you looking for a sparring partner to develop an innovative project?

You define the „finished product“: it ranges from e.g. a strategy presentation to analysis with clear recommendations or tracking of projects to ensure implementation.

As consultants, we support you and your team, on site if required, for the entire duration of the project and dedicate ourselves exclusively to your projects.

To do this, we build a team based on our network that fits your requirements and your budget.


Typical projects:

  • » Support of the launch team for the development of the launch strategy
  • » Template creation for an international brand plan and roll-out to the country organisations
  • » Project management for internal workstream „mobile working and working post COVID“
  • » In the context of a company merger: Analysis of sales activities
    (targeting/segmentation/selection) and proposal for a new sales force structure

Typical projects:

  • » Support for agenda develoment and facilitating of AD boards and preparing minutes
  • » just facilitating the board based on existing concept
  • » Logistical support for AD boards
    (selection and contacting of participants, contracting and and budget management)

Typical projects:

  • » Development of mission/vision/value frameworks for newly established teams
  • » Facilitation of management team meetings
  • » Moderation of strategy meetings

Typical projects::

  • » Preparation and implementation of war-gaming with a small cross-functional team
    (4 people) as input for BrandPlan processes
  • » Planning and facilitating of war-gaming incl. the evaluation and development of strategic options for action

Typical projects:

  • » Project management for internal workstream „mobile working and working post COVID“
  • » Preparation of launch readiness reviews or business reviews