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About Dr. Carsten von Blohn

With Carsten von Blohn, PlanB has stood for a results-oriented successful interim business since 2012. Trained as a microbiologist, followed by a PhD at the Max Planck Institute, Carsten von Blohn started his career in the pharmaceutical industry and held various positions at GlaxoWellcome, Wyeth and Abbott − leading cross-functional, national and international teams in a broad range of therapeutic areas with a strong focus on specialty care and orphan disease.

As an interim manager and consultant, Carsten has supported a number of pharmaceutical companies in various leadership positions. In 2016, as German Managing Director, he built BPL Bio Products Laboratory from the ground up, culminating in the successful launch of an ultra-orphanic drug for the treatment of Factor X deficiency.

Carsten is also a lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and the Carl Remigus Medical School (Apll. Univ.).

Carsten’s motto is:

  • » Done is better than perfect
  • » implement pragmatically − be decisive − think broadly − develop talents − aspire high