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DDIM.fachgruppe // Healthcare

Carsten von Blohn is a founding member and spokesperson of the Healthcare Section.

The Healthcare specialist group bundles industry information and monitors the trends and strategic top issues in the healthcare industry. These include, for example, individualisation and digitalisation and their intelligent linking, which leads to the establishment of new cooperations and targeted networking.

„For our clients in the health sector and in the social economy, we combine our personal strengths and know-how with entrepreneurial action and thinking as well as the goals and values of our clients.“

Added value

– Targeted support in management, human resources and organisational development,
in business development, marketing and sales as well as strategy development and implementation
– Short-term and sustainable optimisations with an image-enhancing effect
– Successful implementation of change projects and sustainable anchoring of the new

Target groups
We work for companies in the health and social economy, among others from the areas of:

– Health industry (e.g. biotechnology, dental, diagnostics, medical technology, pharmaceuticals)
– Health care (e.g. hospital, care facility, rehabilitation clinic)
– Social economy (e.g. care for the elderly, disabled, youth, families, day-care centres/schools)