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The umbrella organisation Deutsches Interim Management e.V. (DDIM) is the leading industry representative for professional interim management in Germany.

DDIM is committed to the public recognition of the profession and the steady growth of the interim management industry.


DDIM has set itself the goal of promoting the understanding and reputation of professional interim management through consistent and continuous association communication. DDIM bundles and coordinates all important communication measures of the interim management industry and provides business, politics and the public with up-to-date information as a competent and independent contact.

DDIM offers its members professional networking on a national and international level. Within the framework of members‘ meetings, the DDIM.kongress, the DDIM.regional events and the numerous DDIM.local meetings, we initiate dialogues on current topics of interim management, on market and industry developments as well as on further education. Regular contact with important representatives of the economy, media and politics ensures that DDIM is in touch with all important developments.