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„We make an impact“ – An ambitious motto to which the BPI and its members organized in the association are committed.

The BPI advocates with politicians, external stakeholders and the public for a location policy that safeguards jobs, drives pharmaceutical innovations and lives up to the enduring and bipartisan task: Ensuring the sustainable improvement of healthcare for patients!

About the BPI

As an interest group, the BPI is an important part of our pluralistic society because it articulates and mediates the diverse, competing and autonomous interests of the approximately 270 member companies with their roughly 78,000 employees.

Its task as an association is to represent the common economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry: A

The goal of securing Germany’s long-term competitiveness as a pharmaceutical location is driven forward in cooperation with successful companies, qualified employees, high productivity, innovative products and good working conditions. The BPI represents concrete issues such as health care and location policy, security of supply and pharmaceutical legislation at state and federal level as well as in Europe.

The work of the BPI is transparent. For example, it is included in the list of registered associations and is listed by name with the Bundestag administration.